Creating An Excel Dashboard (Examples & Free Excel Dashboard Templates & Ideas

Excel Dashboards – Tutorials, Templates, & Examples

Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business.

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Excel is an excellent tool to make powerful dashboards that can provide analysis, insight and alert managers in timely manner. In this page (and others linked here) you can find a lot resources, templates, tutorials, hướng dẫns and examples related to creating dashboards using Microsoft Excel. Use the below links to quickly access various sections of this page.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboard reports allow managers to get high-level overview of the business and help them make quick decisions. Dashboards are often called as management dashboards or information dashboards or dashboard reports.

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How to Make a Dashboard?

You can create dashboards using a lot of different tools. However, in my opinion, Microsoft Excel is an excellent choice for creating and distributing dashboards due its ease of use and universal availability.

Read the following tutorials to understand how to make Excel Dashboards:

Creating KPI Dashboards in Excel <6 part tutorial>

In this 6 part tutorial, you will learn how to create a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard ground up using MS Excel. You can hướng dẫn the example files with full details at each step so that you can practice the techniques and fine tune your dashboard development skills. The final dashboard looks something like this:


Budget vs. Actual Chart

How to Select the Right Chart based on your Data?

Selecting right chart is very important as right charts lead to quicker decisions. Please go thru the below links on advice related to chart selection:

General Dashboard Advice & Tips:

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Ready to use Dashboard Templates, Dashboard Excel Workbooks

Use the following links to hướng dẫn ready to use dashboard templates and complete workbooks so that you can practice dashboard making and become even more awesome.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

More dashboard templates can be found in the dashboards tag page.

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Dashboard Examples

Click here to explore more than 200 dashboard examples.

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Additional Resources on Dashboards

If you make dashboards or you are about to enter the exciting world of dashboard visualizations, then the following links should greatly help in improving your knowledge:

Dashboard & Charting Related Resources on

Dashboard Resources in the Web

There are tons of website talking about dashboards. These are my favorites:

You can find the latest posts from these blogs in the sidebar area too.

PS: If you know a great resource for dashboard design & implementation please share it with me thru e-mail. I would be very glad to include that site here.

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Books on Dashboard Design & Implementation

I recommend the following books,

Information Dashboard Design by Stephen FewBig book of Dashboards by Steve Wexler et alStory telling with Data by Cole Knaflic

Of course, checkout my book too.

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Excel Dashboards by & Jordan

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Recommended Training Programs

I conduct an online course on Excel dashboards where you call learn how to create world class Excel dashboards. All the tricks & ideas you see here are explained in that program. Please consider joining our course to learn more. Click here to know more.

Recommended Tools for Dashboard Design in Excel

I am very glad to tell you about my Ready to use Excel Dashboard Templates, which can help you create beautiful, awesome, informative & elegant dashboards in just a few minutes. Take a look at below 3 minute video to understand how they work. If interested, click here to know more

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