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The following article will show you some of the rules behind creating informative and visually effective Excel dashboards. The site has lots of free Excel dashboard templates.

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Excel Dashboard Examples and Template Files

The Excel dashboard section of lingocard.vn has lots of Excel dashboard templates for you to hướng dẫn and use with your own data.  The goal of the site is to create a visual hub for Excel dashboard design with a range of different dashboards, from financial, to organisational and KPI dashboards.  The first part of the article deals with the theory of Excel dashboard design, with some pictorial examples of Excel dashboards I have created for CPA Australia. Next, there are links to pages on the site with a range of Excel dashboard examples – templates for you to take away.

An Excel dashboard is a one page summary that contains important information which allows you to analyse your subject. The art of creating stylish Excel dashboards is not an easy one to master. I will admit I have made my share of mistakes in Excel dashboard creation but I hope I am learning and improving the quality of information and appearance at the same time.  There are a great many Excel dashboard examples on this site and it has taken a considerable amount of time to compile them so you should not have to.  I hope you find the Excel dashboard example you are looking for.

The following outlines some key Excel dashboard design rules. Simple use of colours, clean design which is easily read. There are some key things to consider when creating an Excel dashboard. Excel dashboards should ideally be;

Understandable and easily read.  There should be no confusion over what each of the metrics mean.

Interactive so can be changed to reflect different areas of an organisation.

Able to display the key measures of the time.  Work out what is important and use those key items in the dashboard.

Liberal with white space. “White Space” is the areas you are not using and they are just as important visually as the areas you are using on a dashboard.

Clearly labelled, each of the charts and tables on the dashboard need to display a clear message.

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Try to work your dashboard into a symmetrical grid where you align sections into blocks of data. Symmetry is important for visual display.

Create stunning Excel dashboards like the ones above either in a course or buy my favourite Dashboards which make up my courses.


Excel Dashboard Example

The following YouTube video is a look at what is possible using an Excel dashboard. The video shows the key functionality and how things can move and change just by changing a single metric.

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Excel dashboards are a very valuable corporate tool when created with forethought. An organisation can see all of the key information in one place and see how it is tracking against the key criteria. The following are some examples of Excel dashboards which I have put together. The information in these Excel dashboards is not real, it is for demonstration purposes only. After going through the exercise of creating all of these Excel dashboards I can say one thing with complete certainty, making Excel dashboards is a lot of work but very worthwhile when you see the final working result.

One of the issues with developing the following Excel dashboards is obtaining the data. I would scratch my head as I started creating the raw data from scratch early on. Later I got a bit smarter and found that wiki and some government websites had ready made tables which were Excel compatible. I then just needed to sketch out a final output dashboard and work backwards to make the data fit that vision. Many of the techniques spoken about in the site which I have incorporated on lingocard.vn are built into these Excel dashboards. On the whole these Excel Dashboards do not need VBA at all. There are a couple of exceptions when you get down to the Heat Map section but mostly native Excel run these dashboards.

The following are the sites current Excel dashboards to hướng dẫn. I will be creating more and more Excel dashboards and these dashboards will be free to hướng dẫn. Click on the link or picture to visit the specific Excel dashboard page. An Excel file is on every page with a brief description of the Dashboard.

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Excel Dashboard Templates

The next section contains a selection of the Excel dashboards on this site.  All have an associated Excel dashboard template which is fully functional and has a complete data set inside it.  The dashboards are all a little different, some spin on combo boxes, option buttons, slicers and there is a few that changed based on the mouse rolling over a cell or two.  Enjoy.

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