Did you forget or thảm bại your password lớn unlock your password protection Excel files? Relax! Here, we cover the five most useful online Excel password remover tools to lớn help you unlock & open a password protected Excel tệp tin effectively. At the end of this article, you will learn how to use an Excel file recovery program khổng lồ restore lost or deleted Excel files.

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Here we recommend you try the top five Excel password recovery tools khổng lồ unlochồng excel password online free

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Top 1. LostMyPassLostMyPass is one of the top online tools that you can use for MS Excel password recovery. It offers không lấy phí...

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Full steps
Top 2. Password-OnlinePassword-online has developed its own technology for recovering Microsoft Office Excel 40-bit keys...Full steps
Top 3. Password-FindPassword-Find provides the service to remove sầu protection from Microsoft Excel, Word, PPT, VBA...Full steps
Top 4. Straxx Password RemoverStraxx Excel Password Remover not only can unlochồng password protected excel but also can edit...Full steps
Top 5. Remove sầu Password Online Remove sầu Password Online Recovery help you remove sầu the password from an Excel document...Full steps

Excel encryption can efficiently prevent essential data from arbitrary access and modify. But the downside is that you might forget or thất bại your password and then you can"t read the Excel. Facing this problem, you can use a reliable Excel password remover tool lớn unloông chồng password protected Excel tệp tin online không lấy phí. Here, we will introduce you to lớn the top five online không lấy phí Excel password remover khổng lồ unloông xã and restore your password-protected Excel files with ease. You can start by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and then choose the most appropriate one lớn use.

Top 5 Free Excel Password Remover Online

Other than Excel password recovery software that needs lớn be downloaded locally, the following Excel password remover online allows you to unloông xã Excel online directly. There is no need for you to lớn look for miễn phí online Excel password remover crachồng anymore.

1. LostMyPass

LostMyPass MS Excel Password Recovery is one of the top online Excel password remover tools that you can use for MS Excel password recovery. It offers you a miễn phí MS Excel password recovery try with a tìm kiếm through a database of 3 million of the most popular passwords.

Pros: The weak password recovery is totally không lấy phí & can be done in just a few minutes.

Cons: You need khổng lồ pay for the strong password recovery. And it"s not cheap. Besides, your uploaded file kích thước can"t exceed 100MB.


2. Password-Online

Password-online is another online Excel password remover. It has developed its own giải pháp công nghệ for recovering Microsoft Office Excel 97, 2000, or 2003 passwords with 40-bit keys, which enables you to lớn recover the encrypted file in a few seconds.

Pros: It can unlochồng password-protected Excel instantly regardless of the password length and complexity. Free to try.

Cons: It only works for Excel 97, 2000, and 2003, not including Excel 2010/2013/2016/2019.


3. Password-Find

Password-Find provides the service to lớn unprotect Excel sheet online. Still, it has great abilities to remove sầu passwords from Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and VBA projects. It can remove the password in a very short time, which won"t take you much time.

Pros: It"s không tính tiền to lớn try. It"s capable of unlocking 100% of protected Microsoft Office 97-2003 documents và about 80% of protected Microsoft Office 2007-2019 documents.

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Cons: $39.95 for finding the password for 1 document. It"s a little expensive.


4. Straxx Excel Password Remover

Straxx Excel Password Remover is a strong miễn phí Excel password remover tool that not only can unlochồng password protected excel but also enable you to lớn edit the workbook. It will remove sầu passwords of any length, even passwords containing special characters. Instead of using the high-risk Excel password cracker, try this one to remove passwords from Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016. 

Pros: It offers a miễn phí version for personal use only. During the process, the original data will be intact.

Cons: You have khổng lồ pay for removing the password from Excel 2013/2016/2019 Windows or 2016/2019 Mac.


5. Remove sầu Password Online Recovery

Remove Password Online Recovery is another excellent Excel Password Recovery online tool khổng lồ help you remove sầu the password from an Excel document. To unlochồng the Excel document, you can upload the tệp tin lớn the online server and let the tool begin decrypting the tệp tin. If the decryption is successful & the document has been unlocked, you will need khổng lồ pay 10 USD khổng lồ see & download the document.

Pros: Free to try. If the file is not decrypted, you vì chưng not have sầu to pay anything.

Cons: The newest version of Excel 2013/2016/2019 is not supported.


Online Excel Password Remover Conclusions

Using an easy-to-use online Excel password recovery tool is a timely và effective way lớn unlochồng and access the password-protected Excel file. But while addressing the problem, data security cannot be ignored. If you are unlucky, you may encounter data loss và data theft problems. Thus, choose the online excel password remover tool very carefully.

In addition lớn how khổng lồ remove password from Excel or unprotect Excel, another common matter is how khổng lồ restore lost Excel files. If you lost any critical Excel file, or they become RAW và even inaccessible, your best shot is to apply the following professional data recovery software for help.

How khổng lồ Restore Lost Excel Files with File Recovery Software

When Excel files disappear, go missing or show as RAW, 0 bytes, or even as inaccessible on your PC, you have sầu another alternative sầu method khổng lồ restore your Excel files. It is lớn restore your lost or inaccessible Excel files with powerful tệp tin recovery software. 

Your Best Excel Recover Software - lingocard.vn 

Support data recovery for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virut attaông xã, system crash under different situations

Here we"d lượt thích to encourage you lớn try this simple-to-use MS Office recovery software - lingocard.vn Data Recovery Wizard, which can help you to restore lost Excel files within three steps. And its miễn phí version allows you to restore up to lớn 2GB files for không lấy phí. 

Step 1. Specify a location.

Run lingocard.vn Data Recovery Software. Choose the drive X: or a specific folder on Desktop or somewhere else where you lost the excel files, and then click "Scan".


Step 2. Scan for data.

During the scan, you"ll see more and more data showing up very quickly in the "Deleted files" result. Wait for the scanning process finishes. To quickly find the Excel files from the scan results, cliông xã on the "Filter" on the top area và choose "Excel". Or, search .xls or .xlsx in the Search box. 


Step 3. PĐánh Giá & recover.

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You can double clichồng on the Excel tệp tin to previews its integrity. Finally, select the desired Excel files and click "Recover".

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