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Very useful and way of teaching is clear…

Very useful and way of teaching is clear and easy to follow. You can skip or join courses that you feel you needed at the moment and go back where you left.

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MyExcel Online Acadamy – A Great Course!

This Excel training system has been the best resource I've had to learn more about the software and expand my skills.

Well done

Well done, clear, concise! The instructor does a very nice job of leading the student thru the material!

Super easy and not confusing at all

I have been thoroughly impressed with the Excel Online Academy course so far. I had minimal Excel skills before this program and I am still learning but the short, bite-size videos are very helpful and not overwhelming.

A great training tool

I have been enrolled for a couple of years and have enrolled some of my employees. They set up a tracking tool, so I could monitor my employee's training progress which has been very helpful.The lessons are thorough but easy to follow. The initial testing process makes it easy to tell where to start the training.I am an intermediate user and have learned pivot tables which I now use daily. John, Brian and Esther have always been very helpful.

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An Investment worth a 100%

I just paid for the training to Up-skill (become an advanced user), learn the things I don’t know and do a refresher on the things I know but I have learnt a whole lot than I expected. I am glad I started from the beginning because I learnt how to do the things I already knew in a better and more efficient way. Its certainly one of the best self-investments I have made.

Excellent even for power users!!

Classes are really easy to follow, and the examples are good. I recommend MyExcelOnline for beginners as well as advanced users like myself. It has allowed me to delve even deeper into all the features that Excel has, and also to discover the new tools that the new versions have added, as they keep their website up to date. Kudos MyExcelOnline!

This is the best excel course I have…

This is the best excel course I have done. The videos are quick and concise and its easy to dip in and out. The only thing I would say is have more shorter quizzes after each sub section as a memory jogger. I just found the quiz at the end that I had forgotten some of the instructions.

I am a very Senior Reviewer

I am a very Senior ReviewerIts a long time since I used Excel on a daily basis and that was with a much earlier version of ExcelThis has helped my memory plus added new dimensions to my skills

Filling (the large) holes in my knowledge of Excel

lessons are extremely easy to understand and is comprehensive. Added to it are the examples and practice exercises. I wish I knew of the academy 15 years ago when I was learning Excel by trial & error!

Awesome courses

Awesome courses and even in my intermediate knowledge of Excel where I use it all day for work, I have found it to be well worth the cost.

Very helpful and professional!

Very helpful and professional!I learn something new from every session. Keep up the great work.

Before joining the academy

Before joining the academy, I considered myself an experienced Excel user. What a wake up call. I couldn't even pass the beginner course! I have learnt so much through the academy, and will be forever grateful to John and Kyle

Great courses

Great courses, easy to follow and understand, even for non-native-speakers. I already have great benefits from my new knowledges.

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Hey Gerald, please make sure to watch our 333 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts course which is located under the BONUS RESOURCES area. Thanks 🙂

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