Mở File Excel Online Is Not Working And Won'T Open Files

The current way to my understanding is to put the file in one drive then go in one drive and opening it up that way. That I understand but is there a way from the desktop to just double click on that file and it would open excel online automatically ? That would pretty much do less steps to open a file in Excel Online for o365 users. 

Or in other words, is there a way to associate excel online to a .xls file ? That would be so much shorter to work with.

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Hey, can I ask why you want to specifically only open them online?

If you have a synced onedrive folder, you can save documents into there and as onedrive naturally syncs they”ll then be available online.

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As office apps actually run through a dynamic url in https://portal.office.com (and not an application local on the PC) there is no method for making Windows recognise to open the file type with Office365/web browser. You can change how “online documents” open default within sharepoint (i.e you press on them and it”ll either try launch a local app or will edit online) but doing the reverse wouldn”t be possible.

You do have less functionality in the web/online version so again i”m not too sure why you”d want to configure this?



Just right-click the file, select Copy Link. Then click Copy. At the Desktop, create a shortcut and paste the link in, give it a name, and you”re done. Double-clicking it will open in the browser.

The only way i know is to right click and View online… It will be impossible for the machine to know to open onedrive stored office docs to open in the browser without changing the behaviour for all xlsx and docx file types…

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unless someone made some kind of c# script or code (which I don”t know how to in this case) this is what I was afraid of

fluffydestroyer wrote:

unless someone made some kind of c# script or code (which I don”t know how to in this case) this is what I was afraid of

In all honesty… the simplest way to run this would be to run it from onedrive in the web… as the browser will automatically use web apps… So i would just insist the users browse their files in the browser in the first place, so that you dont have to spend a lot of time developing something for it….


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