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1. Design thinking fundamentals

What you”ll learn

– Describe the systematic process to define and solveproblems

– Formulate ideas for problem solving

– Discuss solutions that integrate product configuration,functionality and user experience

– Identify the design thinking processes and methods

ENROLL2. Design Thinking: Empathizing to Understand the Problem

What you”ll learn

– Recognize the user’s emotive response to context and circumstance (i.e.

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products, environments, and services)

– Understand a holistic approach to problem solving

– Plan research activities to gather and analyze data from a user’s viewpoint

– Demonstrate an appreciation for creative methods to document user needs and illustrate future solution possibilities

ENROLL3. Design Thinking: Ideation, Iteration and Communication

What you”ll learn

– Discuss visualization techniques

– Ideation techniques to help arrive at the best solution

– How to select an appropriate visualization technique topresent a solution

– Best practices for communicating ideas effectively usinggraphic techniques

ENROLL4. Design Thinking: Prototyping and User Testing

What you”ll learn

– Discuss different levels, options and tools forprototyping

– Select an appropriate prototyping technique

– Discuss methods of user testing and evaluation

– Interpret user feedback in relation to product/processdevelopment

– Evaluate an effective solution

ENROLL5. Design Thinking Capstone

What you”ll learn

– Throughout the capstone, you will complete the following:

– Research and identify the needs of a user

– Apply ideation and visualization strategies to communicatesolutions

– Apply feedback from user testing to revise or design newproduct or service possibilities


Courses features (These features are per each course)

– Length: 6 Weeks

– Effort: 8–12 hours per week

– Price: FREE (Add a Verified Certificate for $200 USD)

– Institution:RITx

– Subject:Business &Management

– Level: Intermediate

– Language: English

– Video Transcript: English


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