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If You Install Excel 2013 Standalone, and Update to Version 1511, You Will Have Power Pivot

I got confirmation yesterday, both from Microsoft and from a reader, that this week’s patch update from Microsoft fixed the problem that’s been lingering for about six weeks.

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1) So, if you have Office 2013, but it’s one of the versions that lacks Power Pivot, you can buy a hướng dẫnable version of Excel 2013 Standalone (available here from Amazon), install it, and Excel will now have Power Pivot.

2) If you’ve already got 2013 Standalone, just make sure you update to 1511, which should happen automatically anyway.

3) Or maybe you don’t have Office 2013 at all, but want to run Excel 2013 Power Pivot side-by-side with Excel 2010 PowerPivot (I do this on all of my computers, for the record), then again, just get the Excel 2013 Standalone hướng dẫn and you should be fine.

For history on this saga, see here and here.

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